How do you play stacks in Word?

How do you play stacks in Word?

You need to discern the words from the stacks. You can find your word vertically or horizontally and it may be forward or backwards as well. When you put the right letters together to form a word, they quickly move up onto the circles and you get a commendation.

Does Word stacks cost money?

Ads occasionally pop up, and some take a while to watch; gamers can pay $3.99 to remove them and can also purchase coins and coin, spyglass, shuffle, and light bulb clue bundles for $5.99 to $99.99.

How do I turn off the sound in word stacks?

How to turn off sounds?Tap the “gear-shaped” icon in the top left corner of the main screen.You will be transferred to the “Settings” screen. To turn off the sounds, move the switch next to “Sounds” tab to OFF position (to the left). You can always turn the sounds back on.

What are coins on Words With Friends?

Coins are a type of credit that can be earned and purchased to redeem power-ups, Profile Frames, and more. They can be rewarded a multiple of ways from collecting the daily reward, beating weekly challenges, and from Mystery Boxes earned by playing the Daily Word and completing the Daily Goals.

Is IC a word?

No, ic is not in the scrabble dictionary.

How do you spell the letter C?

C or c is the third letter in the English and ISO basic Latin alphabets. Its name in English is cee (pronounced /ˈsiː/), plural cees.

Is CE a word?

CE prop. n. Common Era, Current Era or Christian Era. Equivalent of AD.