How do you play scribble on Zoom?

How do you play scribble on Zoom?

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How do you scribble on zoom on a laptop?

How to Draw / Annotate in a Zoom MeetingStep 1: While in a meeting, start screen sharing by clicking the Share icon in the Meeting controls and selecting a screen / program.Step 2: Move your mouse to the top of your screen so that the Meeting controls appear and then click Annotate.Step 3: Use the Annotate toolbar to draw lines and shapes over your screen.

How do you play the zoom drawing game?

A quick & dirty way to play a drawing game on Zoom is just to share your screen, select the whiteboard-sharing option, then let people guess what you’re sketching.

What Pictionary means?

Pictionary definitions (trademark) A guessing game in which players attempt to identify words from pictures drawn by other players. pronoun. 0. 0. Advertisement.