Is it cheaper to buy Greyhound tickets in person?

Is it cheaper to buy Greyhound tickets in person?

Pay in person at the station You can buy a ticket for travel the same day, or take advantage of lower prices by buying your ticket in advance (although it still won’t be as low as buying in advance online).

What is cheaper Amtrak or Greyhound?

Amtrak is more expensive than Greyhound. Greyhound is seen as the lowest denominator form of transportation, as anybody can walk up and buy a ticket, even without ID – Amtrak enforces ID on purchase but irregularly does so on the train.

Can you sleep on a Greyhound bus?

That’s the fact that there are three consecutive seats next to each other, and if you want to sleep, you can stretch yourself across those three seats— and sleep. That’s a luxury on a Greyhound bus, especially on a very long journey.

Are there bathrooms on Greyhound?

Yes, there are bathrooms on all Greyhound buses. They are located at the rear of the bus. They are pretty basic and only contain a toilet and hopefully some toilet paper.

How many bags can you take on a Greyhound bus?

3 bags

Can you bring a knife on Greyhound?

They are not allowed on your person, in your carry on, or stowed luggage. Greyhound allows knives in stowed luggage but not on your person or carry on. Always be sure to double check the regulations of the company you are going to use.

Do Greyhound buses have metal detectors?

Greyhound said that while it does not use metal detectors at all of its locations, its safety practices are similar to other bus companies. Drivers and terminal employees also are trained on security procedures. That’s true even though vastly more people get on a bus, train or subway than on planes each day.

Does Greyhound weigh your luggage?

The good news is that the weight limitations on Greyhound are pretty straight forward. Your checked bags cannot weigh more than 50lbs (you are allowed two with each adult ticket, one for free the second is $15). And yes, they will weigh your checked bags to make sure they are not overweight.

Do they check for drugs on Greyhound?

Do they check for drugs on Greyhound buses? – Quora. Do they check for drugs on Greyhound buses? Yep. I’ve been on a bus when someone was pulled off for drugs.

How strict is Greyhound about baggage?

Greyhound Baggage Allowance and Pricing

Type of Bag Carry-On Checked Bag
Storage Bring on bus Stored under bus
Size Limit Must fit in overhead bin or under seat Max size 62 inches
Weight Limit One bag up to 25lbs Up to 2 bags, 50lb max each
Price Free 1st bag free, 2nd bag $15

Is there assigned seating on Greyhound?

We don’t assign seat numbers, so you can take any available seat on the bus. However, we do reserve the front row seats for customers with disabilities, the elderly and unaccompanied children.

How much does Greyhound charge for extra baggage?

One (1) piece of baggage is checked free of charge for adults and children. One (1) additional piece of baggage may be checked for a charge of $15 for adults only. Baggage carried beyond two (2) pieces will be charged based on Greyhound Package Express rates.

What happens if Greyhound loses your bag?

You might lose your luggage or it may get damaged. Normal sized bags are reimbursed up to $250 per adult ticket and $125 per child ticket and cannot be reimbursed for amounts higher than that unless you bought baggage insurance through Greyhound. Excess, overweight and oversized baggage are reimbursed up to $250.

How much luggage can you take on a train?

Specifically, all ticketed Amtrak passengers are permitted two free carry-on bags, provided that they don’t weigh more than 50 pounds each or measure any larger than 28″ x 22 x 14″ each. Carry-on sizes are a little bigger than what you get on most airlines.

How can I take luggage in train?

In trains, mostly luggage travel with the passengers only. Passengers can carry them with themselves only. So, before traveling at least half an hour before boarding the train, one has to be present at the luggage office of the booking station and get the permission from the authorities.

Can I carry 40 inch LED in train?

Yes you can carry LED/LCD Tv, but need to go and book parcel service in that station.

Can I carry empty cylinder in train?

Empty gas cylinder can be carried in break van but it is not permitted in compartment with passenger….The Luggage which can be carried by passenger in their charge:-

Class Maximum weight carried without charges Maximum weight permitted in compartment (including free allowance)
General 35 kg 70 kg

Do they check your luggage on trains?

CHECKED BAGGAGE. Checked baggage service is available at a number of our stations and on many trains and Thruway Services. Not all trains or locations are equipped to handle checked baggage. Before you travel, make sure to check and see if your train and origin and destination stations accept checked baggage.