Why is Pokemon TCG Online not working?

Why is Pokemon TCG Online not working?

Please check your internet connection and try again.” This indicates that the game cannot connect to a game server. Normally, this means your internet connection has become slow or intermittent. In some instances, you may need to restart the computer or tablet the game is running on, then restart the game.

Is there a Pokemon that does 1000 damage?

Of all the Pokemon cards printed, Shadow Lugia is the only Pokemon with a truly absurd 1,000 points of damage. Its only attack is Shadow Storm, which requires four psychic energy cards to use.

What is the most dangerous Pokemon move?

Pokémon: 10 Terrifying Attacks That Would Be Dangerous In Real…1 Flamethrower. Flamethrower is a Fire-Type attack that would burn its opponent alive and even if a Pokémon could take it head-on in the real world, a human definitely could not.2 Curse. 3 Thunderbolt. 4 Hyper Beam. 5 Hydro Pump. 6 Razor Leaf. 7 Ice Beam. 8 Confuse Ray.