What is the best Pokemon V card?

What is the best Pokemon V card?

Top 10 VMAX Pokémon Trading CardsToxtricity VMAX. Type: Electric. HP: 320.Inteleon VMAX. Type: Water. HP: 320. Morpeko VMAX. Type: Electric. HP: 300. Copperajah VMAX. Type: Steel. HP: 340. Grimmsnarl VMAX. Type: Dark. HP: 330. Lapras VMAX. Type: Water. HP: 320. Rillaboom VMAX. Type: Grass. HP: 330. Charizard VMAX. Type: Fire. HP: 330.

How much is golden Zacian worth?

1 – Zacian V Secret Rare (Gold) 211/202 ($59.98) Many players of the TCG like to “flex” and purchase the highest rarity versions of cards, so it’s no surprise that the highest rarity of Zacian V, a card that you need 3-4 copies of to work in a deck, commands it’s hefty $60 price tag.

How many V cards can you have in a Pokemon deck?

The rules for building a Pokémon deck specify that a player’s deck must always have a total of exactly 60 cards, with no more than four cards of the same name. This applies to all types of cards, except energy cards.