What is a theme deck Pokemon?

What is a theme deck Pokemon?

Pokmon Support Theme decks are preconstructed decks of 60 cards built around a central theme. These can contain a mix of cards and card types. The back of each theme deck package will contain a list of the cards included. Each theme deck will contain a code that unlocks the same deck in the online card game.

What is a good Pokemon deck?

A good deck will have around 20 Pokmon, 20 Trainers, and 20 energy. If you want to use more than two types of Pokmon, use Pokmon that require colorless energy for attacks. If your Pokmon have high retreat costs, get cards like Float Stone, Switch, Escape Rope, or Olympia.

How many Pokemon should I have in my deck?

20 Pokemon

Are Pokemon EX or GX better?

Some EX cards can also mega evolve, becoming more powerful but ending your turn (unless you use spirit link). GX cards are like EX cards in many regards. Theya re usually more powerful due to them being more fitted to the present meta as well as being newer in general.