What is a damage counter in Pokemon?

What is a damage counter in Pokemon?

Damage Counter A counter put on your Pokmon to show it has taken 10 damage. It stays on your Pokmon even if the Pokmon is Benched or evolved. Although 50- and 100-damage counters are sometimes used for convenience, if a card refers to a damage counter, it means the standard 10-damage counter.

Are Miscut Pokemon cards worth more?

If you’ve purchased quite a few packs of cards, there’s a chance you probably have some cards that have miscut corners, as they’re common enough to find out of a couple dozen packs. Sadly, however, these two really aren’t worth much since they’re just common cards from one of the newer sets.

How much is a shadowless Pokemon card worth?

Even common and uncommon shadowless cards sell for over $50, like this Charmander, but they still need a PSA rating of 9 or 10. Some uncommon and cool Pokmon like Haunter with shadows on their cards can still get a similar price for PSA ratings of 9 or 10.

How much is the Ancient Mew card?

The card is from the NA Pokémon 2000 movie promo, so it isn’t as rare as the ones released in Japan and usually runs around $7-10, so the pricing is on point as well. Good for any casual collector or fan of the franchise!