What are the Pokemon type symbols?

What are the Pokemon type symbols?

New symbol designs by me: ice, poison, ground, flying, bug, rock and ghost. Original symbols design (colorless, fire, water, lightning, grass, fighting, psychic, dark, steel, dragon and fairy) belong to Nintendo.

How many cards are in a Pokemon set?


How does Pokemon card game work?

At the start of the game, players shuffle their deck and determine who goes first by flipping a coin. Players then draw seven cards and then place a Basic Pokemon card face-down into the Active Pokemon zone and up to five more Basic Pokemon cards, also face-down, into the Bench.

How many 1st edition Charizards are there?

Of the 2,200+ 1st Edition holo Charizards, only 120 were found to be in PSA gem mint 10 condition.

How much is a 1st Edition blastoise worth?

Pokémon cards are no exception, what began as a simple card trading game swiftly over the years became a serious collector’s game. Cards such as the ‘1st Edition Charizard’ can fetch anywhere from US $4,000 to US $40,000, as can a ‘1st Edition Blastoise’ go for US $1,000+.

How do you tell a first edition Pokemon?

The first print run of a set would have a special “Edition 1” logo on the left side of the card, just below the card art. The 1st edition would typically be very limited, and once sold out, would no longer be available. To meet demand though, an “Unlimited” edition version would then be printed.