What are the different sets of Pokemon cards?

What are the different sets of Pokemon cards?

Pokmon TCG ExpansionsAll Series.Sword & Shield Series.Sun & Moon Series.XY Series.Black & White Series.HeartGold & SoulSilver Series.Platinum Series.Diamond & Pearl Series.

How many Pokemon TCG sets are there?

This is a list of Pokmon Trading Card Game sets which is a collectible card game first released in Japan in 1996. As of September 2017, there were 74 card sets released in America and 68 in Japan. Collectively, there are 6,959 cards in the Japanese sets and 9,110 cards in the English sets.

How much do rare Pokemon cards sell for?

Single Pokémon Cards Sold on eBay for Over $1000Lot TitleSold ForPOKÉMON PIKACHU ILLUSTRATOR PROMO GRADED PSA 9 MINT RAREST CARD HIGHEST GRADE!$orchic Holo Card And Toy$okémon Dark Dragonite 1st Edition Error Card 5/82 Near Mint/Mint Condition$9,999.00Faded Marowak Error$8,000.0026

What are the most valuable new Pokemon cards?

The 25 Most Expensive Pokémon Cards of All TimePrerelease Raichu – Practically Priceless. eBay.The Pikachu Illustrator – Over $200,000. eBay. No. 2 Trainer Promo Card – $200,000. Kangaskhan – Parent/Child Promo Card – $133,000. eBay. No. 1 Trainer Promo Card – $70,000. Tropical Mega Battle No. 2 Trainer Card – $60,000. No. Tropical Wind – $10,000.