Is a promo Pokemon card rare?

Is a promo Pokemon card rare?

One of the most valuable Pokmon promo cards ever produced was the Pikachu Illustrator promo card. This promo is the rarest with only 39 copies ever printed. This highly sought after promo card was awarded to the winners of the Pokmon Card Game Illustration Contest held in Japan in 1997.

What does Pokemon promo card mean?

A great many Promotional card sets have been produced over the years for the Pokmon Trading Card Game. Unlike regular Expansion sets and Booster packs, Promotional cards are not available for purchase in stores. Instead, they are given away as special gifts.

How much is a Charizard worth 2020?

“The Shiny Charizard V goes for $200-350ish on eBay. A graded card, especially rated 9.5 or 10 can go for over $1,000.”

How much is a PSA 10 1st edition Charizard worth?

Single Pokémon Cards Sold on eBay for Over $1000Lot TitleSold ForPSA 10 1st Edition CHARIZARD Base Set Holo Shadowless Pokémon #4/102 Gem Mint$2,800.00POKÉMON CARD ” THICK ” CHARIZARD HOLO 1ST EDITION * REAL PSA 10$2,300.001ST EDITION SHADOWLESS CHARIZARD POKÉMON CARD PSA 9 MINT CARD NUMBER 4/102$1,895.9527