How much is a promo Pokemon card worth?

How much is a promo Pokemon card worth?

Single Cards Not Just Listed But Actually Sold on eBay for Over $2000Pokemon Promo CardSold ForSold DatePOKEMON PSA 8 NM-MINT 2016 CHAMPIONS FESTIVAL FINALIST STAMP WORLD CARD PIKACHU$7,500.00PSA 10 MISPRINT Shadowless First 1st Edition Dragonair Rare Pokemon Card Mint!$4,000.0011 •

Which is the smartest Pokemon?

Alakazam is by far the most famous case of Pokémon intelligence. Everyone and their mother that likes Pokémon knows of Alakazam’s 5000 IQ. It can do better than a super computer! Simply glancing at someone gives it knowledge of their entire life including the future of their life.

What is the most useless Pokemon type?

Rock. Rock Pokemon are generally slow, the type itself (along with Grass) has the most weaknesses of any type (5), and most Rock type moves have lower PP than moves of other types, and worse accuracy.

What is the best type Pokemon?

Electric type came out last, though that should be evened out by Water being the most frequent pokémon type. Dragon comes out last, with Ice close on its tail. On the other hand Fighting and Bug come out on top, being some of the types with the most resistances.

What is the strongest fire type Pokemon?

Blaziken wins the day for one of the best Fire type Pokémon and best Fire type starter Pokémon too. That’s because Blaziken is one of just a few Pokémon with strong Attack and Special Attack.

What is the weakest starter pokemon?

Tepig/Pignite/Emboar The weakest fire starter by a wide margin, Tepig has a lot working against it.