Does evolving a Pokemon remove damage?

Does evolving a Pokemon remove damage?

1. Damage counters always stay when you evolve unless there’s a Poke Power/Poke Body that lets you. Special Conditions and all other effects are removed when you evolve, level up, go to the Bench, or go to the hand. Damage counters are also removed when the Pokemon card goes back to your hand.

What happens to a poisoned Pokemon?

A poisoned Pokmon will take damage equal to 1/16 of its maximum HP every turn, after it attacks, or at the end of the turn if it did not attack. When a badly poisoned Pokmon is affected by Haze, switches out, or when the battle ends, its poison status becomes regular poison.

Can you retreat more than once per turn?

You can only retreat *normally* once during your turn. You can bring your active pokemon back to the bench as many times as your trainer cards, energy cards, Pokemon powes and attacks will allow you to do in one turn on top of your one *normal* retreat.

What do energy cards do in Pokemon?

Energy cards (Japanese: エネルギー Energy) are the cards that power Pokémon attacks in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Under normal circumstances, a Pokémon cannot attack without the required Energy attached to it and a player can only attach 1 Energy card to 1 of their Pokémon per turn.