Are Shinies 100% catch rate?

Are Shinies 100% catch rate?

Shiny Pokemon also have a 100% catch rate. Use this often to increase the chance of running into shiny Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon captured during Community Days are also incredibly rare as they can come with a special move when evolved during Community Day.

Is it worth evolving Shadow Pokemon?

Shadow Pokémon aren’t a new thing to Pokémon GO — but they’ve been upgraded in the latest patch. Released on 3/2/20, Shadow Pokémon have been given a significant boost in power. Not only are they stronger, they’re also cheaper to upgrade, costing less stardust and candy.

Is it worth purifying Shadow Pokemon?

You’re not going to use them in battle and if you do purify it, it won’t matter whether its CP is 20 or 600 as it’ll end up the same, regardless. However, the IVs are important to look at. Shadow Pokemon are clearly an excellent opportunity to get high IV options, and if you’re really lucky the coveted perfect IVs.

Should you purify Shadow entei?

I would say don’t purify and just leave it as it is, as most probably you won’t want to waste your RC and tons of stardust on him too. And there’s speculation Niantic will eventually nerf the Shadow Bonus as it’s kind of broken and unfair to veterans that poured all their time and resources into the game.

Should I evolve high CP or IV?

You can check out our tips for evolving Pokémon in Pokémon Go for more detail, but generally it’s advisable to evolve your high-IV Pokémon before you start spending Stardust to Power Up and increase its Level. That’s because each time a Pokémon evolves, although its IVs stay the same, its moveset is randomised.