What does HQ stand for in Warhammer 40k?

What does HQ stand for in Warhammer 40k?

is a leader

Can you combine armies in Warhammer 40k?

You usually can’t combine two army lists in the same FOC, but if you want one of Marines and another of Guard, you’re welcome to do it provided you can fit it within the points or Power level. Tournament games generally limit you to a single FOC and army list.

Can you mix Space Marine chapters 8th edition?

So yes, now you can combine spacemarine armies. Unfortunately you are not allowed to mix-and-match with units from different Codices any which way. The different books are tuned somewhat to have different strengths and weaknesses. What’s acceptable in ‘normal’ play is of course up to the people you play with!

What is the best faction in Warhammer 40k?


Are necrons good guys?

The Necrons, speaking as someone who is all in with the New lore, are not the “Good guys.” Much like any other faction in 40k, they might have individual characters who might be good, but the race as a whole should not be considered good.

Can orks fall to chaos?

Yes they can. In some novels we had corrupted orks, in older fluff there was also a tribe worshipping Khorne. Orks can be corrupted by Chaos. They are then killed by other Orks for acting Unorky.

Are Eldar good guys?

The Eldar are also not ‘good’ either, (by which I mean the craftworld variety) as they see themselves as being above everything else, & they have no qualms about allowing millions of others to die so that a few hundred of their own species may survive. The Tau are often seen as being a ‘good’ race, but they are not.

Are the Eldar evil?

Eldar are neither good or evil, since what they do they do to benefit their own race. They are, if anything, very selfish. The Eldar would have no qualms wiping out an Imperial Planet to save a few of their own race, but the same is true for an Ork Planet or that of any race.

Are there any good guys in 40k?

There are no Good Guys in 40k. Even those with the best intentions have to do evil to make things right. Grey Knights kill innocents in order to hold the tide of evil back one more day.

Do skaven exist in 40k?

The Skaven have no direct analogue in Warhammer 40,000, but the lore of 40K has stated at some points in various editions that some of the abhuman strains found in the Imperium to bear similarities to rat-men, but we have yet to see any direct representation, in lore or on tabletop.

Are space marines good guys?

Did you by any chance miss, oh say, THE SPACE MARINES? They’re generally considered the good guys. Cleansing tainted planets might come off as evil, but turning to chaos is a very real danger in the WH40K universe and is rightfully dealt with accordingly by the SM.

Are there any good Chaos Space Marines?

Chaos Space Marines are generally pretty good when it comes to melee combat. Berserkers are one of the game’s best melee units, and Possessed can be absolutely insane with the buffs you can give them. It’s very easy to build a Chaos Space Marine army that can wreak absolute havoc once it reaches the enemy.

Do Space Marines eat?

Yes, Astartes do still need to ingest sustenance for the sake of energy and to keep them from starving to death. Within the fortress-monasteries the designated area for eating is the Refectory. Mind you we don’t know exactly how this works, but it filters out anything that the space marine should not be eating.

How many humans are in the Imperium of Man?

1,000,000 Human

What is the God Emperor’s name?

Sly Marbo