How long does it take to paint a Warhammer army?

How long does it take to paint a Warhammer army?

An average infantry model probably takes me 2-3 hours to paint with 5+ colors in the scheme. Larger models can take significantly longer, I would venture to say my Plague Hulks took 12+ hours of painting.

What paints to use for Warhammer?

Acrylic is water based and enamel oil based, so for children, acrylic is much preferred for clean up and lack of fumes (and maybe for adults too…). For what it’s worth, I painted a TON of minis back in my WarHammer Fantasy and 40K days, and used a combination of acrylics.

Do you have to paint Warhammer figures a certain color?

Yes, you can paint them however you like. The only provision is that generally you need to paint your entire army in the same colour scheme, but other than that you can choose what colours you want. No.

How much should I charge to paint miniatures?

A painted mini with a well worked out base and a coat of sealer seems like a good price at $20. I would say that an average of $20 is fair if you are good. If the miniature requires conversion, then you should adjust your price according to the difficulty of the work.

Which Warhammer 40k army is the best?

Top Tier – Best chance to win an event if you know how to pilot them correctly.Grey Knights.Imperial Fists.Iron Hands.Blood Angels.Chaos Space Marines.Dark Angels.Sisters of Battle.Tau.