How do I reset my Syrotech router password?

How do I reset my Syrotech router password?

Open a web browser and access After a few seconds, you will get a Web login page asking for username and password. Use “admin” as a username and “stdONU101” for the password. Press the Login button to access the ONU settings page.

What is the username and password of Syrotech router?

About Details
User ID admin
Default password [email protected]$
Product Mode SY-GPON-1110-WDONT
Power Rating 12V-1000mA

What is pair button on router?

The Pair button is multi-functional. It’s used to connect DECT phones and also used to connect WPS supported devices to the wireless signal without the need to enter a password.

How do I log into my Syrotech Olt?

Access OLT Web Interface to Browser Open web browser and access http://192.168.8.l00 or http://192.168.8

How configure Netlink Olt?

Step to Login Netlink GEPON/GPON/EPON OLT

  1. Connect LAN cable to Management from OLT device to PC/Laptop LAN port.
  2. Go to PC/Laptop LAN settings and use static IP – 192.168.8

What is Syrotech?

SYROTECH NETWORKS is a High-Tech Enterprise specialized in Design, Development and Manufacturing Optical Fiber Network Communication Products and Fiber Optic Components. This will enhance your business growth where you can give cost effective solutions to your customers and increase your business revenues.

Is Syrotech router good?

LAN and WIFI speed is good as mentioned. No need for extra ONT/ONP converter for fiber cable. Connected to optic fibre directly and works fine. 5.0 out of 5 stars Good product.

What is Onu in networking?

ONT (Optical Network Termination), also called ONU (Optical Network Unit), refer to the consumer end equipment in an optical Fiber to the Home (FTTH) link.

How do I reset my Syrotech Olt?

Open Web browser and Login 192.168. 1.1 with login username password as printed to ONT sticker or use the same if you already changed the default….Reset ONT from the Web interface

  1. Go to Administration – System Management.
  2. Press “Restore Default” button.
  3. Confirm the OK button to restore to default settings.

How can I change my BSNL FTTH password?

  1. STEP 1: Log into BSNL broadband modem. By default BSNL modem has IP address of, you can log into your modem by typing this into your browser address bar:
  2. STEP 2: Change password of your BSNL broadband modem from its configuration page.

How do I change my FTTH password?

  1. Check the router login page vpn on the back/bottom of your router. eg:- (Netgear Router)
  2. Log in the vpn in your browser.
  3. A diagloue will come up asking username and password. Username : Admin Password : admin.
  4. The router login page will open.
  5. Search for security settings and change your password from there.

How do I set up FTTH?

Configure BSNL Huawei FTTH ONT at 192.168. 100.1 IP Address

  1. Select 2_INTERNET in WAN connection to configure FTTH Internet.
  2. Type VLAN ID as 10.
  3. Select 802.1p as 0.
  4. Select IPGetMode as PPPoE.
  5. Enter allotted FTTH username and password.
  6. Click Apply.

How do I connect my phone to my FTTH modem?

It depends on your ftth ONT(optical network terminal) make. If it’s Alphion make you can directly connect your normal telephone to the ont RJ11 port. The voice is already configured in that and you will probably get a telephone number starting 297. You can just use it as a normal landline phone .

How do I increase my FTTH speed?

Proper DNS Setting will Increase the speed of Network. Login with username and password of ONT/ONU. Then go to Network, LAN IP Address and enter primary and secondary DNS addresses. We can also set DNS value individually at PC / Laptop / Mobile etc.

How do I reset my FTTH modem?

Step to Reset Net Link FTTH ONT Locate a small reset button near Ethernet or power button. Press and hold the reset button for 8-10 seconds and release the button when Power, LOS and LAN LEDs turn off and turn on again. ONT will reboot and take a few minutes to restore settings into factory mode.