What are the rarest Match Attax cards?

What are the rarest Match Attax cards?

One of the rare collections of Match Attax cards is the special one hundred football club card collection. All the cards in this collection feature stats of 101 for all their attributes in the Match Attax game. The 2010 Match Attax Pele card is a rare release with 101 stats.

When did Match Attax come out?

January 2009

Does Tesco sell Match Attax cards?

Match Attax 20/21 Multi Pack – Tesco Groceries.

How many Match Attax cards are there?

400 cards

What is the rarest football card?

The 40 Most Valuable Football Cards Guide1935 National Chicle Bronko Nagurski Rookie Card. 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket Tom Brady Rookie Card (Autograph) 1965 Topps Joe Namath Rookie Card. 1958 Topps Jim Brown Rookie Card. 1894 Mayo Anonymous (John Dunlop, Harvard) 1957 Topps Johnny Unitas Rookie Card.

What is the best football card in the world?

1935 #34 National Chicle Bronko Nagurski. We start with what is widely accepted as the most valuable of all football cards and the key to a classic set. 1958 Topps #62 Jim Brown. 1957 Topps #119 Bart Starr. 1965 Topps #122 Joe Namath. 1957 Topps #138 Johnny Unitas.

How much is a Patrick Mahomes rookie card worth?

There are currently 18 #103 PSA graded Silver Prizm Mahomes rookie cards. 13 are in PSA Gem-Mint 10 cases. The silver prisms are selling for various prices right now. A recent copy of the #103 silver prism sold for $45 at buy-it-now.

What is the most expensive football card in the world?

Tom Brady has a habit of breaking records every single year. He now holds the record for the most expensive football card ever sold at auction, with an absurd price tag of $400,100. According to ESPN, the card is part of the 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket series.

How much is a Walter Payton rookie card worth?

Walter Payton Rookie Card Value The first thing most collectors ask is: how much is a Walter Payton rookie card worth? In pristine condition, they can sell for $15,000 or more.

What is a Kobe Bryant rookie card worth?

Below are the current SMR Price Guide value ranges for some of Kobe’s best rookie cards and some others that have been graded at the high end (8-10) by PSA (keep in mind the hot market means these prices may be obsolete by the time you read this): 1996-97 Topps Chrome #138: $400 – $3,000.

How much is a Emmitt Smith rookie card worth?

Estimated PSA 10 Value: $275 Emmitt Smith’s premier rookie card, the 1990 Score Supplemental is the one that sits atop most Smith collectors’ want lists. And it’s easily his most expensive as pricing can approach $300 for pristine examples.

Are Shaq rookie cards worth anything?

1992-93 Stadium Club Beam Team Rookie Card Shaquille O’Neal was included in one of the now iconic subsets released in Stadium Club, the “Beam Team.” Depending on how the basketball card is graded, the prices can range from a couple hundred dollars to $1,500 currently.

How much is Shaquille O Neal’s rookie card?

Estimated PSA 10 Value: $375 Arguably the most creative of his rookie cards, the 1992 Upper Deck #1 used three separate images of Shaq to show him dunking from start to finish. The full-color borders are susceptible to showing wear and tear quite easily so in top grade, these can be worth several hundred dollars.

What is Shaquille O Neal’s rookie card?

1992-93 Upper Deck Shaquille O’Neal RC #1 Featuring a progression image of Shaq dunking, the card comes in two forms. This main rookie—labeled “#1 NBA DRAFT PICK”—was issued in Series 2 packs but is still somehow card #1. There are also multiple subset cards for O’Neal that are not nearly as popular.

How much is LeBron James rookie card?

As far as prices go, the 2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite LeBron James Rookie Card is one that’s measured in the tens of thousands. For example, on , this BGS 9.5 copy sold for $on eBay.

What is Michael Jordan’s rookie card?

While the 1986 Fleer gets the nod for being Jordan’s “mainstream” rookie card, the 1984 Star #101 is considered to be his “true” rookie card.

Are Michael Jordan cards worth money?

Those boxes, by the way, have been at the center of some incredible finds over the last several years with current prices now approaching $100,000 (original cost: about $15). Jordan’s Fleer cards from 19 are also valuable.

What is the most expensive card ever sold?

In fact, such is the modern-day legend of the LA Angel that a rookie trading card depicting a young Trout just became the most expensive trading card ever sold – not just in Baseball terms, but in any sport, selling for $5.5 million at auction.

How much is a Troy Aikman rookie card worth?

This is the best Troy Aikman rookie card because it is the hardest one to find. Score only produced a limited amount of cards do to the fact that it was their first year producing football cards. You can find these card in Gem MT 10 condition for about $150 and ungraded versions for about $20-$25.

What is Emmitt Smith’s net worth?

Emmitt Smith net worth and salary: Emmitt Smith is an American retired professional football player who has a net worth of $18 million dollars. Emmitt James Smith, III was born in Pensacola, Florida in May 1969.